Breed: Silky Terrier
DOB: 2013
Sex: Spayed female
 9 lbs
Foster home: Linda M.

Chloe is a 4 year old female and is very friendly with people and likes to be held but also is independent and will play and explore on her own too. Chloe has limited use of her back legs but doesn’t let that stop her from moving fast in the house and in the yard. She can do one or two steps on her own or with a little assistance and stands on her own.

She benefits from water or cold laser therapy.

She mostly gets along with other dogs especially larger ones that are as intelligent as she is. She will bark at dogs in her household and try to boss them around. She is potty trained but
sometimes can’t get to the back door quick enough so will have accidents occasionally. She is crate trained and also likes to ride in the car.

She would do best with children 7 and up since she is small and can’t always get her back legs up under her quickly.
She needs a fenced in yard because she can move quick if she sees something to chase.

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