Mass removal and biopsy

Breed: Miniature Poodle DOB: 2001 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie I am a sweet and quiet little dog who adores her humans.  I really don’t care if there are other dogs around or not.  I am not sure that I am really a dog! I was found as a stray but they say that someone took good care of me at one time or else I am just a wonderful obedient girl because I was more than amazing with how well I cooperated for my bath and grooming. However, once the hair was washed and groomed, then everyone could see the big mass that has grown on my belly.  The veterinarian removed it and now we are waiting for the lab to send back a report that it is benign – PLEASE SEND POSITIVE THOUGHTS MY WAY THAT IT IS because everyone who has meet me thinks I will make someone one awesome pet! Once the report comes back, hopefully I will be available for adoption but meantime, if you want to donate something to help pay for my surgery and lab work, please help me out!  THANKS! UPDATE: Caulie’s biopsy report has come in and while the tumor was not benign, it WAS completely removed so it should not re-occur!!!  She is all healed up from her surgery and spay, running around and trying to boss around some of the other dogs — so she is ready for her new home! Thanks for helping us save her life. If the tumor had not been removed, it would have spread! Thanks to Mary & Randall Terpstra for sponsoring Caulie! Caulieshelter1