Heartworm Treatment


Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2002
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Julie

It is going to be a little while for you to wait for me to be your dog. I have to stay in foster care a little longer than most dogs. You see, when they did a blood test on me, they found out that I have heartworms and so I had to stay in the clinic to be treated with a special medicine to get them to go away. The treatment wasn’t so bad but I sure was ready to come back to a home!

I may have already had enough problems in my life — once I am cured of the heartworms, the vet wants to take some pictures of my jaw with the x-ray machine because it seems like my jaw was possibly broken at one time. Since I was found as a stray and never claimed at the shelter, my old owners can’t tell anyone what happened. And I can’t tell anyone; either whether I fell a long ways or got hit by a vehicle or maybe I was born this way. But I am not in pain or anything. I am just missing some teeth and my smile is a little crooked. Some people think that it gives me extra “character”!

Brando needs help with his heartworm treatment – just look at that face! How could we say no? Please help sponsor him and help him find his forever home.