Breed: Pug/Chihuahua mix
DOB: 2015
Sex: Spayed female
 13 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I get along great with other dogs of all ages and sizes.  I was an unclaimed stray in a shelter and haven’t met cats in my foster home so I am not sure what I think of them.  I AM sure that I love to go for car rides and I have a BLAST at the adoption events — meeting new people of all sizes and ages is so much fun!

For the most part, I am not much of a barker but I will speak up if someone comes to the door.  I am getting use to the routine here in my foster home and am on a pretty good schedule for going outside to potty.  The yard is fenced here so it is easy to run out and do my business.  Maybe I would do okay on a leash doing my business but I don’t guarantee it.

When you meet me, you will think I am scraggly little thing because when I was at the shelter, I was covered in fleas and had been scratching a lot for a long time.  There are a lot of patches of missing hair that hasn’t grown back in yet.  Plus, I only have a right eye.  But don’t feel sorry for me because the shelter killed all my fleas and I don’t scratch now.  My hair is growing in and having only one eye doesn’t slow me down a bit!

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