Breed:  Shih tzu
DOB: 2005
Sex: Spayed female
 18 pounds – needs to lose some weight!
Foster home: Julie

I was actually quite glad I ended up in the shelter.  I needed some help!  I not only had a serious bladder infection and bladder stones but I was in labor and my poor puppies were eventually stillborn.  I also had infections in my eyes.  The good doggie-doctor got my stones out and spayed me and ordered some eye drops for me.  After that I was feeling better but my teeth had some really bad infections.  My jaw had even broken and the ends healed but not together.  (It obviously didn’t prevent me from eating, though.)  But now that I had a dental, got some rotten teeth pulled and have taken antibiotics, I am feeling even a little spunky sometimes and I am quite a happy dog!

If you try to pet me, I sometimes run away but I am learning to like it.  I do like to be wherever you are in the house and I like to wander around outside to check things out in the yard.  I get along great with other dogs — I mostly ignore them but I never get upset or jealous with them.  I will play with toys though at times.

While I like to go outside to do my business, I was tired and sore at first plus I am very overweight and have bad knees.  I got carried out there most of the time and still sometimes wait to see if I am going to get that luxury.  I can get up and down a few steps but a long flight will be a problem for me at least until I get more in shape.


Think you would like a mature little chunk like me?  I might need eye drops for awhile and maybe for the rest of my life but my senior blood panel results show that my critical internal organs are working great so I will likely have a lot of time to give you love!

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This dog is fostered in Holland, MI

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