Breed: German Shepherd/Pit bull mix
DOB: 2016
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 41 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I am busy but that is because I am just a kid yet.  I am not hyper and quite often I am ready to just nap near you or to snuggle with you.  Affection is my middle name!

My ideal home would be where there is a physical fence and another happy and playful dog to live with.  I tried living in an apartment as an only dog and I just got too bored.  Then, when I would met another dog, I was so excited that I scared them.  You see, when I get really excited, I bark and probably sound like I am going to attack but all I want to do is run over and make friends.

I am crate trained and housetrained and I love to go for rides.  I am still working on not jumping on people but it is tough because I just want to hug them.

My ears just can’t figure out how they want to look.  Sometimes they both lay back, other times only one lays back while there are times they are both lazy and sort of stand up.  Then if they are not feeling lazy, they are straight up like a German Shepherd’s.


I like my foster home but I would rather have my own human or humans to bond with.  Are you looking for a really pretty girl who will be a lot of fun and will love you unconditionally?  That would be ME!

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