Bentley Tzu

Breed:  Shih Tzu
DOB: 9/15/2005
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 18 pounds
Foster home: Julie

You won’t find an easier dog to live with than Bentley.  He rarely barks, gets along great with all other dogs of any age or size, goes outside to go potty, doesn’t demand attention or try to trip you when you are moving around the house, doesn’t mind when you leave the house and is likely mostly deaf so he can’t be afraid of thunder or fireworks!  He is also one of the most mellow and sweetest dogs we have met.

When you adopt Bentley, you will get some supplements for him to take every day.  When he was rescued, his liver enzymes were elevated and he had a calcium oxalate bladder stone removed.  He takes a couple of supplements to prevent another stone from forming and he also takes Milk Thistle for his liver.  They are not expensive and he loves “pill time”.  He patiently sits and watches while you wrap them in cheese or pill pockets or a small bit of canned dog food.  Then he gently takes them from your hand and eats them.

Here is an almost kiss from Bentley.


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