Bladder Stone removal Surgery

Breed:  Shih Tzu DOB: 9/15/2005 Sex: Neutered male Weight: 18 pounds Foster home: Julie 092-17 Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$800$Raised 800$ towards the 800$ target.100% Yes I was available for adoption earlier this year.  I told you then that my liver enzymes had been elevated so I went back for a re-check recently.  They took a radiograph of my body to make sure my liver didn’t have anything obviously wrong with it and they saw that I had a bladder stone!  It was pretty large so I had surgery and then they sent it out for analysis. So first thing:  The stone is a calcium oxalate stone.  I am now taking Vitamin B complex and Calcium Citrate every day to keep those pesky stones from coming back. Second thing:  My vet bill is so high now that I don’t think I can pay for all of this stuff for lots of months!  Think you have any spare change you can send me?  I would love it!
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