Torn Ligament and Heartworm Positive

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Breed: Rottweiler DOB: 2010 Sex: Neutered male Weight: Foster home: Glenna 059-16

Bear is a 6-year old Rottweiler with a wonderful disposition. He was owner-surrendered to Animal Placement Bureau by an owner who was struggling with cancer and could no longer afford to feed Bear. Bear was pretty skinny when he came into care. With good food and care he got up to over 100 pounds but has been dieting to get to a more manageable weight. Unfortunately, he was also heartworm positive. The treatment for heartworm is expensive and dangerous for a dog to go through. Bear made it through the treatment and the recovery period very well and was neutered. The next hurdle for this big sweet guy was a torn cruciate ligament. He needed surgery and again Animal Placement Bureau was able to get his needs met and get his knee repaired. Once again he is in recovery mode. He maintains his sweet disposition having to be crated or restricted. Hopefully, he has his medical issues behind him and can have a new life with a family who will adore him and be his forever family. Animal Placement Bureau has vet bills over $100,000 annually to help care for the dogs in our care. We depend on donations and fundraisers to be able to help the dogs. Any donations to help us help them are welcome.

Please help us help Bear! Email if you have questions.

THANKS to Kerry Maneil and Carol Sherman for the generous donations for Bear!

Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146