Breed: Papillon/Chi mix
DOB: 2011
Sex: Spayed female
7 pounds
Foster home: Jan and Al

Bailey was attacked by a large dog in August 2015, and became unable to walk. Her owner wasn’t able to get her treated, and provide ongoing medical care, so she surrendered Bailey to APB later on, so that we could help her.
Her treatment so far has been visits to a holistic vet and doggie chiropractor. She would probably benefit from acupuncture and cold laser therapy also. We are doing recommended exercises with her and trying to get her to use her hind legs with a cart. She loves going for walks in her little cart, but gets along fine at home on hardwood floors and outside in the grass without her cart. She doesn’t seem to feel the need to walk again, and needs someone willing to really work with her. So, we are looking for a special person for this special girl.
Bailey is just the sweetest little girl who loves everyone, including kids and other dogs. She would be best without any large dogs around as they scare her. She understands going potty outside and will bark or try to let you know when she needs to go. However, when she gets excited about something, or you are not paying attention, she cannot hold it. Therefore it would be best to be in a home with washable floors! She loves to go for car rides, and she also likes to play tug of war with her special toy. All in all, she is a joy to have around and will just stare at you with love in her eyes and make you melt! For more info, contact