ApolloGSDX1 ApolloGSDX2

Breed: German Shepherd mix
DOB: 2007
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Chris Glahn


Apollo is a lovely German Shepherd mix. He is very low key and just wants to be near you. He handles like a service dog on a leash regardless of the distractions. He sleeps next to the bed and occasionally snuggles in bed. He has a big watch dog bark without the risk of a bite. He would be wonderful for a retired person or a senior but also for most any family.  He’s the kind of dog that your kids could put in a dress.
He is absolutely fine with all dogs of all sizes.  He will guard a cow hoof but just don’t give them to your dogs then.  He’s not food aggressive with other dogs but he is fed in a crate.  He is not a problem with humans and his food.  He can be loose in the house even when no one is home as he has never destroyed anything or hurt himself.  He may need to have other dogs around as he did live with another dog.

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