Breed: Boston Terrier/Boxer mix DOB: 2006 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 42 pounds Foster home: Jan and Al 138-18 This is Angel, a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix. She is a sweet, calm, gentle girl who has some separation anxiety.  She would like to have someone who is home most of the time, or that can just take her with them.  She rides well in a car and is great wherever you take her. Angel loves everyone, including young kids. She is great with other dogs and ignores our grouchy, growling chis. One of them even took over her huge bed and she barks for awhile and then goes somewhere else to lie down. Angel is house trained, but might have an accident if left alone too long, as she gets anxious. She does better with other animals around – guess she doesn’t get as lonely. Mostly she just lays around or watches out the window, although sometimes she likes to be chased with a toy in her mouth. Angel loves to be outside and will play “catch me if you can” while running around the yard.  When we come home she usually greets us by bringing one of her toys and vocalizing a “hello”.  Angel likes to be right beside us on the couch with her head in a lap. She would also prefer to sleep up on the bed between us at night. Overall, she is quite lovable and easy to have around. For more info, contact